If you’d like to install a ductless mini split in Saint Clair Shores, MI, turn to us at Oasis Heating & Cooling. Ductless air conditioning can be very convenient since it doesn’t require any sort of existing duct system. This type of air conditioning can work for people building new homes and those in older houses that don’t currently have central air. Also, some customers who have expanded their homes with central air have chosen to use ductless AC in their additions. Because of the way a ductless mini-split system is set up, it can function as a heater in the winter and an AC in the summer.

    Ductless mini split

    Saint Clair Shores Ductless Air Conditioning

    Many residents in the Nautical City have chosen to go with ductless AC units. In comparison with window units, they can offer more efficiency and practicality. They can be much quieter than window units, and they won’t block the view or the fresh air that windows can provide. Plus, many people prefer the streamlined look of ductless air conditioners over window units.

    You could save money by installing a ductless system compared to one that requires ductwork. Some homes in Saint Clair Shores weren’t designed with ductwork in mind. The high cost of modifying an entire house to accommodate a traditional central air system could surprise you.

    A ductless unit can prove useful in every season of the year since the system can function as both a heater and an AC. This saves you the trouble of having to think about multiple systems. In Saint Clair Shores, many residents use ductless units as air conditioners in the summer and as complementary heating units in the winter. Homes in our region need some sort of heater to deal with our frigid temperatures, so the ductless unit can add some extra coziness.

    When deciding what type of ductless system to get, you should take several factors into account.
    • Preferred location
    • Size of area
    • Energy efficiency
    • Personal budget
    When looking into ductless mini splits, you’ll come across a variety of options. Some systems even consist of several wall-mounted units connected to one outdoor unit. This allows you to set up different zones within your home. We can install ductless mini splits in various places, and our customers have appreciated this flexibility.

    Offering Ductless Mini Split Services

    At Oasis Heating & Cooling, we look forward to assisting Saint Cloud Shores customers with their ductless air conditioning. Our family-owned company has served the local community since 2007, and we hold ourselves to high standards. You’ll find our team to be professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. We believe that your home should be your oasis, so we’ll make sure that you’re comfortable indoors. Building and keeping relationships with our clients is important to us.

    Ductless mini splits
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